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3C Product Development Strategy!

Issuing time:2018-08-10 00:00

In the world of e-commerce, 3C product is often the forerunner and the main force. However, there are a large number of product categories in the 3C industry. And the product update speed is also very fast. Choose the right product will be one of the necessary qualities for a successful seller.

What are the 3C classifications worth expanding? The following categories are selected for the sellers. The common principles of classification are: high demand, high growth, low proportion, and new trend. These four keywords are valid basis for screening categories.

First of all, the most popular electronic classification is of course the mobile phone and its accessories (Cell Phone & Accessories). The market demand for smartphones has maintained steady growth, with the largest growth in the United States site . Sales in  China have been the fastest growing in the UK and Germany site. There is still a significant room for sales growth in the US, UK and German site.

Along with the high total growth of the smartphone market, the demand for peripheral accessories products continues to be strong, with the largest demand for mobile phone cases and parts, and the fastest growth of connectors, adapters, and components.

In addition, wearable products are becoming more and more popular, and with the maturity of product features, quality and price, the market's awareness and acceptance of such products continues to increase, and sales have begun to enter a stage of rapid growth.

From the perspective of industry analysis data, the US sites has the largest demand, and the United States site, the United Kingdom site, Germany and Australia site have experienced rapid growth; the sales of sellers in China site are relatively low in Germany site.

Source:Yano Research Institute,”2014 Wearable Device Study”as cited in pressrelease, Oct 14,2014

Next recommendation is computer and network equipment, including tablets, ultra-thin books, e-books, printers, scanners, computer hardware, tablet accessories, corporate office network equipment. The market demand for tablet PCs has continued to grow, and European and American countries have entered the product renewal cycle.

Greater china sellers have seen significant growth in sales in the UK site, Germany and Australia site. And there is still room for growth in sales in the US site, UK and Germany site. In view of the high total volume of the tablet PC market, the demand for peripheral accessories products has continued to grow, with the total demand and increment of Bluetooth keyboards and protective covers being the largest.

The printer is growing as fast as the market demand for tablets. The Australian station has the fastest growth rate, and greater china sellers have increased significantly in the United States site, the United Kingdom site, Germany site, and Australia site.

Market demand remained stable and the total amount is considerable for printing consumables and parts. Greater china sellers in the United States site have grown significantly, and sales in Australia have a significant increase.

Computer-installed parts, the fastest growth is the United States. The sellers in  China maintained rapid growth, with the largest demand for CPU, graphics, memory and power. The nation's Internet information and communication technology has maintained a strong momentum of popularity, and the demand for home and office network equipment has also increased rapidly, with the largest demand for commercial server accessories, switches and hubs. Sellers in China accounted for a low percentage of sales at each site.

The third category of recommendations is Consume Electronics, which the flat-panel TV is the first to recommend. In the past few years, the total demand for the flat-panel TV market has not only been large, but also maintained steady growth. At the same time, sellers in China have rarely been involved, and it is worth investing in resources to grasp market opportunities.

Along with the growth in TV demand, there is also sales of TV peripheral accessories. The development of the Internet has made the display of large-screen content increasingly rich. The demand for network streaming media and smart set-top boxes is strong. The United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia have seen significant growth. The sales of sellers in China are good at each station, and there is still room for improvement.

In addition, the demand for headphones, smart glasses products, and portable audio products is also relatively large. Headphones have the largest demand in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Germany.

Greater china sellers have the fastest growth rate in the UK, with the lowest sales in Germany. Portable audio products have grown rapidly in the United States site, and greater china sellers have increased simultaneously. With the maturity and practical use of smart glasses products, market demand is gradually expanding.

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