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Air Circulators vs. traditional fans

Issuing time:2016-04-22 00:00

In contrast to a traditional fan which brings only cooling benefits when directly facing you; an air circulator works for any season, keeping the air in motion and making the entire room more comfortable to be in… with many other benefits!

Air circulators are the safe, all-year-round temperature regulation solution you’ve been looking for. We’ll tell you why.

  • Create an air draught to get rid of stuffy atmospheres

Most fans simply lack the aerodynamics to keep the air in the room in motion. As opposed to blowing air directly in contact with it, our BVG air circulators create a 360˚ oscillating draught in the form of an invisible jet stream.

This jet stream helps maintain a constant room temperature by ridding the room of cold and warm spots. It also clears stuffy atmospheres by circulating stale air with fresh air from an open window.

  • Pointing the air circulator towards your air conditioning helps distribute the cool air faster, saving time and energy.

During Summer, pointing the air circulator towards a wall halfway between the floor and the ceiling, as well as using the highest setting, will set up a high speed air circulation pattern.

This will cool down the room in an efficient manner. Pointing towards your air conditioner will help distribute the cool air faster, saving time and energy; essentially Turbo boosting your A/C.

  • Help warm air from heating, that usually stays near the ceiling, to circulate for a more even room temperature.

During Winter, the use of a heater alone produces warm air that rises naturally to the ceiling.

By pointing the air circulator upwards, and utilising the lowest speed setting, the hot air will circulate with the cooler air near the floor, resulting in a more even room temperature.

With their unique 360 degrees horizontal oscillating base, 3 models to choose from, our BVG air circulators are much more than just a fan. Experience the difference.

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