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  We are a leading service-oriented trading corporation and global exporter of house ware products in China, Blue Vast Group Limited is your most comprehensive supplier by offering first-class service.

    From initial product inquiry to final delivery of goods, Blue Vast Group has rich experience in domestic and international distribution, and exceptional service in factory evaluation and product inspection.

    We invite you to browse our extensive product and service, as well as contact us to directly discuss how Blue Vast Group can fulfill your specific needs.




Less talking, More action.

A little integrity is better than any career.

A good beginning makes a good ending.


What is Outsource?

Outsourcing allows companies to focus on other business issues while having the details taken care of by outside experts. This means that a large amount of resources and attention, which   might fall on the shoulders  of management professionals, can be used for more important,       broader issues within the company. Plus, if  a company is looking to expand, outsourcing is a   cost-effective way to start building foundations in worldwide.

Why Outsource?
Provide services that are scalable, secure and efficient, while improving overall service and        reducing cost.
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